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SparTech Software offers custom contract programming services, commercial software applications, and for profit web sites.

C/C++ Applications


C/C++ experience dates back to 1993. Have experience with both Unix C and Microsoft C as well as C++ in the Microsoft Windows environments (16 bit and 32 bit environments). Microsoft Foundation Classes (MFC) and Borland OWL C++ classes have been utilized in several projects as well as programming straight through the Windows API (C projects).

Specific functionalities implemented include: Interfacing with Microsoft Access and Oracle databases Low level TCP/IP applications including web spidering, email clients, NNTP clients, email harvesting through newsgroups and web pages, and other low level TCP/IP utilities. Game type applications including the award winning Matchem game Speech synthesis and speech recognition XML processors/parsers NT/IIS web server interfaces, management utilities, and server side controls/applications

SparTech Offers

SparTech Software is an independent software engineering firm supplying commercial grade, high quality software solutions. We have specialized expertise in cutting edge software development applications including many of the newest technological areas such as Android, .NET, XML, Visual Basic, C#, PHP, C/C++ based applications, and more.

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